The Uwaga Pies … are AWESOME

I recently met the incredible Polish vlogging duo of Krzysztof Gonciarz and Kasia Mecinski, and we hooked up twice to close out the week with some of the things that make Tokyo such an incredible city to live in.

Kris and Kasia produce a daily (yes DAILY) vlog about their lives in Tokyo call The Uwaga Pies, and it's AWESOME. Seriously, the quality of what they produce day after day is incredible. People think I produce a lot of stuff. I have no idea when they sleep!

The first video is from Thursday (July 30) when we attended the pre-opening press event for the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, the brainchild of 6%DOKIDOKI creative director (and Harajuku fashion master) Sebastian Masuda. Kris and I recorded an interview for my podcast Metropolis On Air later in the day about vlogging, video editing, and YouTube, which will be out this coming week. You might see me pop up in this video (more than once).

The second video is from Friday (July 31) when we had our monthly Metropolis Magazine "getsumatsu" party at Kakekomi Gyoza in Shinjuku's Kabukichō district. Two menu items you'll see in the video were horse meat sushi and horse rib sashimi. This was also a sendoff for one of our interns, and a great excuse to drain a barrel of sake (yeah, you'll see me doing that). And this was just a sliver of what Kris and Kasia did all day. Just watch … you'll be amazed.

Now go to The Uwaga Pies YouTube channel for much more of this awesome daily dip into life in Tokyo!